Giveaway: Lucha Shoes

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Today we have an awesome giveaway from Lucha shoes... a great new Tom's style shoe. They are high quality and affordable- I have a pair myself! Enter to win a pair by telling us what color you want...grey, navy, or red (can't go wrong with any color).  Read more about Lucha below!

Lucha means "a fight" in Spanish, so we've made our slogan "fight with your feet." We have removable insoles in our shoes so that when you purchase them, you can write something you're fighting for on the bottom of the insoles. Every time you put on your Lucha shoes you're reminded what you're fighting for. When someone asks you about your shoes, it's the perfect opportunity to tell your story and raise awareness.

Current fights include: Leukemia, laziness, tobacco, pornography, poverty, child abuse, etc. People aren't only fighting against bad things, but fight for great things such as running marathons, losing weight, supporting Japan and New Zealand after the earthquakes, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Giveaway ends Tuesday at midnight!

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